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Previous Meetings -- September 2006



September 2006 

JGSGP Members 

Felicia Alexander, Evan Fishman, Mark Melmed, 

Joan Rosen, Joel Spector, Harold Waitsman

Feedback from the 26th IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy


The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia was presented the 2006 IAJGS Award for Outstanding Programming or Project that Advances the Objectives of Jewish Genealogy.


Joan Rosen, Mark Halpern, Selma Neubauer


The Plaque Reads:

"For creating searchable online databases of Philadelphia's Blitzstein and Lipshutz ‘ethnic bank’ records. These records detail steamship ticket purchases made in the United States, primarily for family members in the ‘old country.’ Previously available only in ledgers at the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center and on microfilm, 55,000 records spanning 50 years of immigration to the port of Philadelphia are now accessible to researchers worldwide on JewishGen. For some, the records have provided the first written evidence of their ancestral towns."


This Award is for all four Ethnic Bank projects -- Blitzstein, Lipshutz, Rosenbaum, and Rosenbluth. The credit for these projects and the award they garnered rests with the volunteers who created the indices and the project leader, Selma Neubauer. These proud volunteers are Eileen Bobman, Joan Gross, Joan Rosen, Steve Schechter, Al First, Harriet Kasow, Maurice Goldberg, Marty & Helen Gusoff, Lora Hull, and Renee Nachbar.

The Blitzstein and Lipshutz projects are complete and these databases can be searched on JewishGen at http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/USA/PhilaBlitzstein.htm and http://www.jewishgen.org/ databases/USA/PhilaLipshutz.htm. The Rosenbaum project is nearly complete and Rosenbluth will be indexed last.


Joel Spector reported that the IAJGS Stern Award was given to the Toledot-Jewish Family History Centre in Prague for its project to Digitize Jewish Familiant Registers from Bohemia (1760-1849). For more information, see http://www.toledot.org/. There are now 72 IAJGS member societies and 48 were represented in New York at the Annual Meeting of IAJGS. At that meeting, Marcia Meyers of the JGS of Connecticut was elected to the Board. Future Conferences with be in Salt Lake City in 2007 from July 15 to July 20 and 2008 in Chicago. Consideration is being given to a Conference in Europe in 2009/2010/2011.

JGSGP has purchased the Conference Syllabus, the Conference CD containing the Syllabus, and the Conference MP3 CD containing recordings of most of the Conference lectures. These can be found in our Library.


Felicia Alexander reported on her research experience at the New York City Municipal Archives at 31 Chamber Street, where she found a 1873 marriage certificate for her great-great grandparents.


When the co-chair of the New York Conference, Linda Cantor, visited JGSGP in March, she provided a handout detailing all New York repositories and a summary of their genealogically relevant collections. This handout is reproduced here.


Joan Rosen reported on the Computer Labs run during the Conference. These were organized and supervised by Phyllis Kramer. Phyllis gave a Lab on using Excel to organize your genealogical research. She suggested organizing by Surname and preparing a table of what is known and unknown about each person.


Joan also attended a Lab at the New York Public Library and how to use their collection for genealogical research.


Mark Melmed reported on the organized visits to New York area Cemeteries. He contacted the Cemeteries by phone before the visits to determine where his ancestors tombstones were located. Mark reported that most NY area Cemeteries are organized by Landsmanschft Society plots. Some of these plots have tributes to people who perished in the Holocaust.


The New York JGS has a database on their website of over 10,000 Burial Societies in the New York area at http://www.jgsny.org/searchcity.htm. Ada Green won the 2006 IAJGS Outstanding Contribution to Jewish Genealogy award partly for her work on this database.


Harold Waitsman, along with two other members from Cherry Hill, commuted to the Conference each morning and found parking in Manhattan for $11 per day. Harold reported on his DNA testing performed by Family Tree DNA. This Company found 12-marker matches with 10 or 11 other Jewish men, whose families come from many areas of Eastern Europe. Harold talked about moving up to the 24 or 37 marker tests, which can be performed with his existing sample.


Harold also mentioned that Ron Aron’s Internet presentation was wonderful. Ron will give this talk at the Society’s November 2006 Meeting.


Evan Fishman reported on the musical and film offerings at the Conference. The Conference organizers created a program of films and other cultural events that provided registrants the opportunity for some unusual experiences.


Overall, the JGSGP attendees enjoyed their attendance and would urge all members to attend a Conference in the future. The next opportunity is July 15-20, 2007 in Salt Lake City, where participants will also be able to avail themselves of the research opportunities of the LDS Church Family History Library.



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