Sunday, December 15, 2019

Annual Steve Schecter Memorial Lecture

Research Help and Registration: 1:00PM-1:30PM

Lecture: 1:30PM

Location: Main Line Reform Temple, 410 Montgomery Ave., Wynnewood, PA 19096

Speaker: Miriam Weiner, Genealogist, Author and Creator of the Consolidated Eastern European Archival Database



Miriam Weiner and Alex Haley at the Haley farm with PBS crew to plan an upcoming TV series, 1991


Miriam at the entrance to Sudilkov, Ukraine (Ancestral Town of two grandparents)

In 1989, Miriam Weiner accepted an invitation from the Polish National Tourist Office to visit the Polish Archives in preparation for arranging genealogy tours to Poland. That visit led to a 30-year career working in the archives of Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Lithuania.

Miriam Weiner will give a presentation about her extraordinary and unpredictable odyssey as she “walked in the footsteps of her ancestors”.
In 1991, The Jewish Week in New York, referred to Miriam as ” The genealogist who lifted the archival iron curtain” and in 1998, The Forward referred to her as “The Indiana Jones of pre-war polish Jewry”.

Topic:  Research and Revelations in Ukraine

The lecture will focus on Ukraine (current borders) and includes anecdotes about the changes, discoveries and delights of navigating the complexities of the former Soviet Union. Miriam was the first Jewish genealogist to collaborate officially, by contract, with the archives in the foregoing countries to produce her two award-winning books and website, https://rtrfoundation.org.

Miriam is well known for her handouts and attendees at this lecture will not be disappointed.

Free admission for members.  Non-members are charged $5.00.



From Marilyn Golden, VP Membership


May 3, 2020
40th Anniversary celebration of the Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia (JGASGP)

Featuring the history of our organization with a special and very entertaining guest speaker, Daniel Goldmark, discussing the History of Jews in Rock!
Kosher brunch will be served. Location:  National Museum of American Jewish History

As plans are worked you will be kept informed. Hoping that many of you will volunteer to help out in many ways this year!

From Fred Blum, President

I am pleased to report that after many months of work, we have joined with the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center to form a new organization.
Our new name is the Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society of Greater Philadelphia.

The new society’s objectives include the following:

• To collect, preserve and disseminate knowledge and information about Jewish genealogy.
• To promote and encourage interested persons to engage in genealogical research.
• To stimulate and provide instruction in research methodology, the utilization of resources and adherence to standards of accuracy and thoroughness.
• To foster careful documentation and to promote scholarly genealogical writing and publication.
• To promote the preservation of genealogical records and resources.
• To hold meetings for the instruction and education of its members and the general public.
• To provide continuous assistance and follow up to prospective members and current members.
• To increase awareness of all the genealogical sources that are available for research.
• To continue the mission of the former Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center (PJAC)

The Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center was formed through the efforts of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia many years ago. Its’ mission was to collect, preserve, facilitate research and share the story of the Jewish communities of the Greater Philadelphia area. In 2009 the holdings of PJAC were transferred to the Special Records Collection at Temple University Libraries. With the support of many philanthropic individuals, an archivist position was endowed by PJAC. With our new name and mission we will continue the great work of PJAC.

We encourage you to support the archives with donations and archival material. Donations may be made to the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Collection Endowment at:
Temple University Libraries
PO Box 71340
Philadelphia, PA 19176-9780

If you wish to discuss archival donations or have archival questions, Please contact:

Margery Sly, Director of Special Collections Research Center

Email: msly@temple.edu

Website: https://library.temple.edu/scrc.

Please note:

Our society website will still remain at: https://jgsgp.org

We will continue to have outstanding speakers at our monthly meetings from September to June.


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“A Service to the Jewish Community Award” was given to JGSGP on May 2, 2019 by the B’nai Brith Educators Unit Charter 5290.

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